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Have no Fear

Doktor Christoph Weber ZahnarztDentophobia (pathological fear of dentists) is a primal fear comparable to acrophobia (fear of heights) or the fear for Spiders.

In most cases this fear can be traced back to traumatic childhood-experience.


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Almost nobody is actually looking forward to his appointment at the dentist. In most cases the sounds of the drills and the fear for injections are to be blamed for this.

Should you just by the mere thought of a dentist

you are showing symptoms of dentophobia. Traumatic childhood-experiences or lurid tales of your friends are the most common causes.

Dentistry has changed significantly in the last decades. The former often painful and abrasive treatments are a thing of the past. Todays injections are a lot less painful and normally used medicaments work a lot faster. Also the relationship between dentists and patients has changed. As in the past a patient often was not aware of what exactly was happening, dentists today more and more engage their patients into a dialog.

In our practice every patient is looked after and informed individually. It is our concern that you feel comfortable with us. Our concept and practice are designed to make your appoinment with us as enjoyable as possible:

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