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Doktor Christoph Weber Zahnartzpraxis-TeamWelcome! I am very proud of my team!

Together wie provide you a modern and enjoyable treatment.

We are looking forward meeting you!


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Team members
Christoph Weber


Good service and high-quality treatment is only possible with the help of a motivated, experienced and professional team. Only the professionalism of every single team member make a relaxed, sucessful and sometimes jovial work environment possible. Something that you, dear customer, will sense and appreciate with us.

A big thank you to my team!
Christoph Weber - Your dentist.

Team members


Sarah Schelbert, apprentice

Sarah Schelbert, apprenticeMs Schelbert has been working in our team since August 2011.







Sandra Ott, Dental assistant

Sandra Ott, dental assistant

Ms Ott has been working part time in our team since June 2005.








Laura Lanteri, Dental assistant

Laura Lanteri, dental assistantMs Lanteri has been working part time in our dental surgery since February 2012







Martina Schelbert, Dental assistant

Martina Schelbert, dental assistantMs Schelbert has been working with some discontinuance since August 2008 in our Team.







Michelle Schönenberger, Dental hygienist

Michelle Schoenenberger, dental hygienistMs Schönenberger works part time with some discontinuance with us since September 2005.








Maya Rüegger, Dental hygienist

Maya Ruegger, dental hygienistMs Rüegger is with us since since May 2013 as a part time member of staff.







Christoph Weber, Dentist

Leider noch kein BildYou have probably already come across my face on our website.

It is my concern that all my patients are taken care of well and feel at home with us.

Below you will find a brief resume.



25.03.1971 Christoph Franz Xaver born in Luzern
1978-1984 Primary school in Kriens, LU
1984-1988 Secondary School 1.-4. in Engelberg, OW
1988-1989 Language stay in Porrentruy, CH and in Brighton, GB
1989-1992 Secondary School 5.-7. in Engelberg, OW
1992 A-levels, Type B, in Engelberg, OW
1992-1995 Medical School at the University of Zurich
1995-1998 Dental School at the University of Zurich
10/1998 State Examination at the University of Zurich
2003 Doctorate of Dentistry at the University of Zurich
1999-2005 Assistant at Dr. med. dent. T. Muntwyler, Wädenswil, ZH
6/2005 Opening of own dental practice in Schindellegi, SZ


After graduating from university I have continued my education as a dentist. All dentists who are members of the SSO are required to pursue 80 hours of advanced training per year. This advanced training takes place in the form of seminars and courses and is complemented with the study of technical literature.

Dr. med. dent. Christoph Weber, Schulhausstrasse 1, 8834 Schindellegi, +41 (0)43 888 99 60

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